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Maintenance and operation are intended to maintain effective work of all the systems and equipment of the building, extend life of the building and reduce costs on maintenance and operation of the facility.

Undisputable advantages of the technical operation by Arteco are:

  • 24/7 Dispatcher service that receives and records emergency messages when accidents occur at the Facility;
  • 24/7 Emergency service that employs qualified specialists;
  • Own certified electrical measurement laboratory with all the necessary equipment;
  • Mobile maintenance crews.

List of Services Provided:

Arteco provides a full range of cleaning services.

Undisputable advantages of Arteco are:

  • Own educational center with developed individual educational program for each category of employees;
  • Own cleaning service employing only RF citizens allowing optimization of our partners’ costs and improving service quality.

List of Services Provided:

  • Cleaning indoor premises
  • Cleaning surrounding areas
  • Post construction cleaning
  • Industrial high rise works
  • Additional services

Arteco provides a full range of interior works.

Undisputable advantages of Arteco are:

  • Own design department,
  • Unique experience in working with profile structures
  • Own technical base that makes it possible to implement projects of any complexity.

List of Services Provided:

  • Integrated control over project and construction and installation works
  • Design project development
  • Utilities project development
  • General construction works
  • Repair and finishing works
  • Installation and commissioning of utilities and equipment;
  • Decoration;
  • Building internal computer networks (SCS)
  • General contractor works;
  • Further operation (cleaning, utilities operation)

Management Company «Arteco»